OSA Policies

Phone: 541.346.3722     |    osa@officeofstudentadvocacy.org     |    EMU, Room 337

IMPORTANT NOTICE, March 30, 2020:
The Office of Student Advocacy is operating remotely over spring term due to the Covid-19 health emergency. If you are a currently enrolled, incidental fee paying student, and would like to schedule an appointment, please call (541) 346-3722. Please leave a message with your name and phone number and someone will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you!


Eligible students may request services from the Office of Student Advocacy (OSA). An eligible student is a currently enrolled student at the University of Oregon who has paid the incidental fee at the time advocacy services are requested. An eligible student that receives services remains eligible regarding that specific matter for a period not to exceed thirty days from the termination of eligibility.

For receipt of summer services, a student is also eligible to request services if the student is registered and paid the incidental fee during the fall, winter, and spring terms and is pre-registered and expected to pay the incidental fee for the upcoming fall term. A student will be deemed registered for the term if the student is registered as an incidental fee paying student by the deadline for adding classes for the term.

On rare occasions, and with prior consent, students may pay extraordinary costs and/or expenses associated with their case.

No student is required to use the services of the Office of Student Advocacy. Students may, at all times, obtain assistance from an attorney or other person of their choice at their own expense.


OSA services are available on an appointment basis. Appointments are scheduled over the phone. Services may not be available within a student’s needed time frame.

Conflict Policy:

OSA is not able to assist a student in a grievance or complaint against another student, the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO), ASUO Program, or ASUO Executive Member. OSA adheres to the Oregon State Bar’s ethics rules governing conflicts of interest. In case of conflict of interest, whether ethical, contractual, or because of any other applicable laws, rules or regulations, OSA attorneys will decline or withdraw from representation.

Confidentiality Policy:

OSA attorneys and staff maintain strict confidentiality. OSA will not release any information about a student’s case without prior authorization from the student.


OSA advisors and attorneys may advise and assist students in preparing grievances, petitions, and other materials, however, all matters must be submitted by the student, and not OSA staff.

OSA attorneys are prohibited from representing students in litigation involving the ASUO, or in any claim against any officer, agent, or employee of the ASUO, the University, or any other department or agency of the State of Oregon, or any officer, agent or employee thereof.